AWS as of September 4, 2019

I’m finding it useful. Also frustrating.

The Accidental Wizardry site, which I’m hosting on AWS, keeps crashing while I’m not looking.

Possible solutions:

  1. Migrate to

update: Nope, can’t migrate the sql database to Thanks for telling me.

  1. Babysit the site as it is hosted on Amazon.

I’m including this in my work procedure. Having a procedure lowers anxiety levels, I’ve found.

AWS Update

AWS took a surprising amount of time to learn.  I’ve finally got one site out of the three I have planned.

One problem: Something seems to have taken a bite out of one of my private keys and corrupted the install. Poor key looked like it had the back end chewed right off.

Back to it.

The Linguistic Mimic

In case anybody is wondering why the diction in my posts has read as if a five-year-old has written them, it’s partly because of stress, and partly because I’ve been helping to take care of my five-year-old autistic grandson.  I’m a linguistic mimic. Meaning that as I immerse myself in the voice of a writer, or speaker, my diction, vocabulary and syntax starts to take on characteristics of the model.  And thanks to stress, it’s been taking on characteristics of the lowest-denominator speaker, the speaker with whom I most need to understand and communicate.

We’re moving. Meaning the stress is going down, meaning that my subconscious evidently feels that it’s free to taste and try more complex forms of language.

Welcome back, verbal artistry. At least, here’s hoping.

Transferring main site to AWS

Just keeping you posted.

This process is progressing with burps and mistakes, because I am also in the process of transferring my physical location as well.

My advice is to do one at a time–be thorough, detail-oriented, don’t rush when a deadline doesn’t exist, keep in mind that you have autism and it may take more time than some others.

I never take my own advice.

Just making sure I canceled the right site

Ok, I did.  I will be moving the strange, experimental stuff to AWS, and keeping the intelligence-test prose here.

Judging by literacy level of previous posts, priming brain with Jim Butcher is producing lame results. Must return to Douglas Adams, Terry Pratchett and JRR Tolkien.

Once again, any poor soul who might stumble upon this blog, the point is to make sure this autistic brain of mine still produces language.

This blog will probably become more interesting in about a month. I am going to implement a life change.

Checking in

I know I keep sounding like “This Time for Sure!” but given all that’s been happening on the US Government stage, I’m optimistic.  I don’t feel as if I have to be such a panicked activist, though I feel I’ve been helpful over the past year and a half.

I have been working on family matters, VR, and organizing assets in preparation for posting them in an organized fashion.  Am in the middle of reviewing the notes, scores, and tapes from when I composed music, back in the ’80s and early ’90s.  Why did that stop?

One of the reasons for the VR, again I remind myself, is that I can take all the fields in which I have worked, and use them together. When I was learning fiction writing, I met writers who had given up other things they loved so they could specialize. That was wise for them. It might have been wise for me, as well, but dwelling is a trap I don’t want to fall into again.

Setting up Resonois

The world’s dirty laundry seems to be coming out in the wash, so perhaps I don’t have to spend so much time paying attention to politics and world affairs, and perhaps I can concentrate on my own.

Setting up Resonois….

Waiting for Comic-Con tickets

Preview night sold out.

Thor and Edna Mode already quoted.

Did I mention that my first Comic-Con was in 1978?

I’ve done two art shows at Comic-Con. The staff is fantastic.  However I’ve experienced sufficient autism-related anxiety at art shows that I will need something added to the process before I register for another show.  Maybe Cannabis oil. Some in the autism mailing lists I follow have reported good results.

Boeing and SpaceX race to Mars. Spectacular development. Perhaps I will wear my SpaceX Dragon T-shirt to Comic-Con, if I get tickets. My father worked with Boeing, but I think he would be on the SpaceX team as well.

Got the shirt from my visit to Kennedy Space Center last week.  Spent most of the time at the spectacularly-engineered playground equipment with savant-ish autistic grandson.

If you visit the KSC, be aware that perimeter defense is manned by alligators.

Saturday sold out.

Had I attended Comic-Con last year I could have gotten tickets in the early registration, but savantish-autistic grandson-sitting is a full-time and unpredictable job, currently carrying a higher priority.

This is the time of year I usually plan for the new year. Some people make New Year’s resolutions on the way to the New Year’s Eve party and then abandon them two weeks later.  I usually try out the resolution in December, to see if it’s maintainable with the life I’m living at that time.  So yes, I beta test my resolutions.  Last year it was to get an executive functioning assistant. Let’s say I learned a lot from that one, and I can apply what I learn in 2018.

The test during this time in the Comic-Con waiting room develops the thousand-words resolution I’ve done for years, except in 2018 I would be writing in public.

At its very base, writing 1000 words, any words, exercises the verbal center of my brain. With my kind of autistic, language is my second language. So even though I was an English major, if I don’t exercise the verbal center, words fade.

So does WordPress keep a running word count? Checking…Will install when I am not glued to the Comic-Con page.

Comic-Con memories: Getting a Croods signed poster from Chris Sanders. Helping to run a booth. Getting CURSED PIRATE GIRL. Seeing my daughter’s expression change when I explained to her that she just got an autograph from Yoshitaka Amano, and yes, she is familiar with Yoshitaka Amano’s work.

You may wonder why I haven’t gotten a professional membership to Comic-Con. So do I. Perhaps if I write these words every day on this blog during 2018, we will both discover why.

Thursday’s running low.  You know, I tell myself, I could easily pull some strings with old acquaintances and get a badge.  Yet I’m sitting here, watching Thursday badges sell out.  Reminding self to write about that.

The truth is, I will actually be glad when Sunday badges sell out. This is because executive functioning issues and anxiety currently make large events excruciating. If I actually wrote about that on WordPress, would it make a difference?  Public posting and cannabis oil are sounding more attractive.

The Comic-Con green room done as Ten Forward.  My daughter tripping over a curb when her very favorite voice actor walked by.  Playing Pokemon Go behind the convention center, with about fifty other Comic-Con attendees. Learning to draw in an Alan Lee presentation. Comic Book Law School. Dreamworks Dragons.

That first Comic-Con, it was sitting in a room with about fifty other people watching Stan Lee draw his new character, Iron Man.  You don’t draw Iron man artsy, with bubbles around his head. You draw him with dramatic lines.

All Comic-Con tickets are sold out.  Phew. That’s a relief.








September 8, 2017

Today I’m putting up an art display over on the site, so Dr. Kathie Allen’s people can show it to those supporting her for congressional election to Utah’s Third District.  I was in the audience at the Jason Chaffetz roasting last February, and therefore have strong feelings about who should take his place in Congress.

Trying not to let Hurricane Irma distract me during today’s work.  I know it’s about to ruin many lives, including those of a certain family I keep nagging to evacuate, dammit.  However as a fractal artist, I find it mesmerizing. Dangerous beauty.

All right, snap out of it. Back to work.

Online Consistency

I have been locked out of my main web site.  This, I’m sure, is entirely my fault; these things happen because I haven’t been tending to my online self with any consistency.

I had planned to delegate this scheduling to an assistant. No assistant seems to be forthcoming, and so I need to figure out how to do this dependably in the interim.