More seedlings

I’m migrating from Riverside County to the Eastern Sseabord, so I have dispersed the remainder of the live oak seedlings I have been growin my rig. I have planted fourteen and gave another dozen to the camp host at the Lake Skinner campground. Best i can do under time and pandemic constraints.

VR notes

Again, notes for reference until I sit and study.

Lareena noted during LTUE that LTUE 3 has gone obsolete. Update or replace; which of these?

That was back in 2018. Now?Weeelll, not so much. Version 4:

Conclusion: Very grateful there’s a V4. Will dive in presently.


I didn’t think it was a toolkit. Was I wrong?


It looked promising back when I investigated it, but couldn’t get it to work back then. Another try presently.

(from that page and important to know): Latest supported Unity release for EditorXR is 2018.4.12f1


We were going to pursue this, so here’s the handy link:

My rig’s solar setup

The alaskan RV tech who installed this locked it down so I can’t tilt it up for better sun capture. Perhaps that’s good, given my ADD. They’d probably sail onto the freeway next time I forgot about locking them down.

December 2019 Reading, Watching, Listening, Playing

PRECURSOR by C. J. Cherryh, a longtime favorite author

THE MANDALORIAN all 8 episodes. Taika Waititi and Baby Yoda FTW

STRANGER THINGS. Finally got to the series

WINTER MOON, on Webtoons. Also a bushel of other webtoons.

“The Rise of Skywalker” because of course.

Thanksgiving Minecraft. Traditional family activity; great time had by all.

NO MAN’S SKY. Played it 2 years ago; checked back after all the updates. Still addicting. I made sure to remove it from the computer so I don’t get sucked into the black hole.

MY HERO ACADEMIA among other anime titles.

UNDERTALE. Finally got around to it. I aimed for the pacifist option, to see how it was handled.

Free Fractal Friday

I should be writing about the adventures I’m having while on walkabout, but tonight it’s going to have to be enough just to know that I have made it online. Hopefully see you next week.


Free to download.



AWS as of September 4, 2019

I’m finding it useful. Also frustrating.

The Accidental Wizardry site, which I’m hosting on AWS, keeps crashing while I’m not looking.

Possible solutions:

  1. Migrate to

update: Nope, can’t migrate the sql database to Thanks for telling me.

  1. Babysit the site as it is hosted on Amazon.

I’m including this in my work procedure. Having a procedure lowers anxiety levels, I’ve found.